Baxter the Dog


happybaxterBAXTER’S STORY:

Baxter is a smart & happy dog who loves his family very much. He protects his family’s garden from bunnies, and he loves to play with his dog & cat friends in his neighborhood. When Baxter’s family needs to move to a larger house, he is nervous about the changes at first, but he eventually settles in and makes some new friends. And pretty soon his new house starts to feel a lot like home.

Baxter’s New Home will help children of all ages understand that moving to a new home is an exciting time with endless possibilities.

— Illustrations by Jennifer Ruch


markphotolargeMark Pontz has worked in mortgage lending for nearly two decades and has helped thousands of young families move into new homes.

The excitement and anticipation surrounding a new home purchase can be a double-edged sword for families and especially for children.

Mark hopes that Baxter’s story will help children cope with all the changes of moving in to a new home.

Mark lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife, Marian, and teenage daughter, Madison.

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